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Welcome to the Styled With You Challenge!

Motorola and heaven have teamed up to create a film entirely generated by AI, blending fashion and technology in an innovative way. Now, we invite you to join us in pushing the boundaries of creativity by participating in our open-source challenge.

What’s the Challenge? Create your very own film around fashion, featuring models wearing stylish outfits with the Motorola logo embedded into them. Your film must showcase all six Motorola Razr colours: Pantone Peach Fuzz, Navy Blazer, Dill, Steel Wool, Arabesque, and Pumice. The film should be in 9:16 format and should ideally work well in 16:9 format too.

Your Options:

#1 Start from Scratch: Create everything from scratch (except the music, VO, and final Motorola phone animation).
#2 Start with Our Images Without the Motorola Batwing: Use our images of outfits in all six colours without the logo embedded.
#3 Start with Our Images With the Motorola Batwing: Use our images of outfits in all six colours with the logo embedded.

Motorola Assets Available:

- Logo Folder: Motorola logos
- Visuals Without Logo: 18 visuals of outfits without the batwing
- Visuals With Logo: 12 visuals of outfits with the batwing embedded
- Audio Folder: Instrumental and VO in mp3 format
- Animated Packshot: Showcasing the phone rotating
- Colours Folder: The six Motorola Razr colours Download all assets here


Top 5 Films: Win a Motorola Razr 50 Ultra (value: 1199€)
Featured Content: Your film will be featured on Motorola’s social channels and in our press release.

Timings and Deadlines:

Submission Deadline: [Insert Deadline]
Winner Announcement: [Insert Date]